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Bella Vista Hotel Magic Mike Night

Ain’t no Party like a Westside party, because the Westside did it right. That was the word on all women’s lips after attending the Bella Vista Hotel‘s Magic Mike Night. This was a special one-off Ladies Night extravaganza filled with nothing less then Magic. With Pop-Up Stores, Topless Promo Models,  Amazing Cocktail Specials, Resident DJ mixing it up and of course the Magic of Chiselled & Charmed’s Magic & Shades Male Revue. So lets take you on a Journey of how the night was filled with everything a lady was looking for.

Where Magic Happens

When Chiselled & Charmed was asked by Glamor Entertainment and Momento Hospitality Group to produce a show for Bella Vista Hotel Magic Mike Night, the boys took full advantage to showcase all their talents. Starting off the night our beautiful Mistress of Ceremony, Lady Julka thought it would be best to provide the tastiest eye candy money has to offer. What better way then to introduce 3 flavors of Chocolate to keep every woman’s taste buds satisfied. First was White Chocolate Mick, flexing his junk across the stage to our remix of Candy Shop. We then thought it would be best to bring some Smooth Caramel Alex to the stage, which melted most women’s appetite. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, we call in the big guns Dark Chocolate Eddie watch the video to see the crowds reaction.

Let the Show Begin

So with all that commotion going on with all that sweet dessert, it was time to put the boys on the floor and attend to all those screaming women. MC Julka then lit the stage with a little number, she likes to call “The Professionals”. Music then lights the stage and we found 3 lucky women strapped to their seats as 3 men produced a slow sensual lap dance which defiantly broke some laws in NSW.

Officer Kyle

Next thing you know sirens begin to ring and Police! Officer Kyle then brings the stage alight with  nothing but the sex appeal with Authority.

Mr. Grey

It was then decided to bring some power and seduction to the stage. We then found ourselves lost in a pool of smoke, as the stage became captivated by Mr. Grey. Women became nervous and vulnerable as they submitted to his seductive R&B Hip Hop Strip.

Fireman Taylor

Things defiantly got hotter and the place was beginning to set on fire. A new set of sirens began ring out. Fireman Taylor came to the rescue and lit the stage alight. With his acrobatic routine and hot moves. It defiantly produced the water we needed to put the burning sensation out which most women were experiencing at this point!

Magic Mike

So, the stage was set for the night to go off with a bang. What better way to do this than with a little Magic. It was then the place became a set straight out of David Copperfield and Magic Mike appeared with women seeing triple. Women became hypnotised and next thing you know; flip the place became the Genuwine Pony Routine. The roof lifted and the decibels became deafening and Magic was delivered. It was clear to say women were defiantly satisfied and introduced to the perfect Magic Mike Night. Which couldn’t have been done without being in the perfect venue with the perfect crew. Bravo Bella Vista Hotel this one went in the record books and a 500 plus women strong crowd would say so.

Chiselled & Charmed, Glamor Entertainment and Bella Vista Hotel produced the perfect evening for the perfect audience, and we did it like we always do…With a Touch of Class and Excellence.

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Popup Stores

What better way then to have everything a woman asks for. There were a number of speciality popup stores which added to the atmosphere that was already spectacular. Women could find Lingerie from Funtasia & Intimo collections, skincare and makeup from Nutrimetics, photo booths from Hills Photobooth that kept women busy before the big show.

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