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Magic Mike Night Sydney

Magic Mike Night at the Bella 

Once more the boys of Chiselled & Charmed delivered another spectacular show stopping Magic Mike Night at the Bella. The West-side women once again turned up in the hundreds, to support the boys. The Bella was literally filled with its biggest female contingency for their weekly Wednesday Ladies Night had ever seen. And boy did the boys deliver? Yes they produced all the right Magic; a Magic Mike Ladies Night could handle. The Bella once again provided all the right equation for the Ultimate Ladies Night. With Pop-Up Stores, Topless Promo Models,  Amazing Cocktail Specials, and more men you could poke a penis straw at.

Where Magic Happens

From the success of the first Magic Mike Night held earlier this year in April. Chiselled & Charmed were asked again by Glamor Entertainment and Momento Hospitality Group to produce a new and bigger show for this Magic Mike Night. The boys took full advantage to showcase all their talents and few more new tricks.

Starting off the night our beautiful Female DJ Coco Levon hosted the night with Mr Grae aka Tyson as the evenings Master of Ceremony. Ladies were then welcome back to the candy shop.

The Candy Shop – Chocolate City

Obviously this was done with our 3 flavors of Chocolate. First was White Chocolate Josh, flexing his junk across the stage to our remix of Candy Shop. We then thought it would be best to bring some Smooth Caramel Alex to the stage, which melted most women appetite. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, we call in the big guns Dark Chocolate Eddie to make every woman drawl with lust for Chocolate.

Let the Show Begin

With all that commotion going on with all that dessert,  it was time the boys were sent to the floor to work and build their professionalism to become great showmen. As they posed for the 700 ladies throughout the night (check out some of their images in the Gallery below). So women came to the Bella to see men work what better way to see a man work then to watch the professionals open the floor to break some laws..

Officer Marco

After women were seduced by the power of Alik and Tyson, things got a little heated on the stage which is why the club called in the big guns. Next thing you know sirens begin to ring and Police arrive to calm the situation. Unfortunately Officer Marco raised more sirens amongst the crowd the a code red at Sydney Headquarters. Probably setting the stage with his Authority and sex appeal.

Mr. Grey and his Disciple

After our man of Authority came in and set the laws, most women were asking for more power. So we gave them a man of Power a Master, Seductive and Mysterious. Mr Grey will see you now… Mr. Grey (Mick) and his Disciple (Alik) ensured the audience would submit and allow them selves to be seduced. Ladies meet the raw Mr Grey, and witness his ability to make you bow and follow his commands. This was a look into his red room. with deep sensual music the crowd was hypnotised and left in a trance. But Mr Grey could not do this alone without his disciple, ensuring his message of power & seduction was witnessed. The double show made women weak at the knees and falling allowing him to be their Master.

The Cavalry

Well things were getting to out of hand. It was time to call in the Army and present order. Boy did the boys bring in the biggest gun’s. Every woman loves a Solider. We not only did that, but we gave them 3 Soldiers in marching order, stomp stomp stomp, as their Krump bounced the floor. But the boys brought along their boots but along came their secret weapon. It was only a matter of Destiny before this weapon presented himself.

The Secret Weapon

With flips and twist going a hundred mile per hour, our lady on the floor pretty much only had the floor to protect herself with. See why this act set a standards that will never be reached by any other show. You literally where deafen with screams and cheers as our secret weapon did handstands in little then just a G-String.

Magic Mike XXXL

O.K. so, the night was all about making Magic Mike bigger and better then ever before. If it wasn’t enough this show went to a whole new level. What better way to do this than bringing the Magic 3 times bigger. This time we presented Magic Mike times by 3 where our MC, Tyson, Mick & Alik appeared as a triple treat. Women’s jaws dropped and when they thought they knew what was going to happen we surprised them again. the show became a 3 way striptease for 9 lucky ladies. The Genuwine Pony Routine just became a herd of Ponies. The roof lifted and the decibels became deafening and Magic was delivered. to the 700 ladies who attended. 

Chiselled & Charmed, Glamor Entertainment and Bella Vista Hotel produced the perfect evening for the perfect audience, and we did it like we always do…With a Touch of Class and Excellence.

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Popup Stores

What better way then to have everything a woman asks for. There were a number of speciality popup stores which added to the atmosphere that was already spectacular. Women could find Lingerie from Funtasia & Intimo collections, skincare and makeup from Nutrimetics, photo booths from Hills Photobooth that kept women busy before the big show.

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