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Storm & Amanda, the Ultimate Bride Tribe from Wollongong

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Bride Tribe – The New Urban Ledgends

So, O.K. you get the phone call, from your BAE, she’s screaming down the phone hysterically and panting…Babe, babe guess what? I’M ENGAGED!!! OMFG

Next thing you know “The Screaming Fest begins”. As you start to get over all the hysterics, you then start to realise she’s calling you first because you’re going to be he Maid of Honour. BOOM, it then hits you; the reality and responsibility of being the best friend to organise and support your girl through this chaotic and stressful time in her life.

Make the Tribe Official

So, it’s time to put your game face on and show all her family and friends just how much you’re her number 1 Lieutenant in arms. First and foremost, the most important thing is to ensure you can demonstrate to her your ability to always be there to take on the stressful situations with her. But considering your Bride’s stress this is both your time to assemble her infamous Bride Tribe. 

The Crew who has always been there through thick and thin, your homie’s, sisterhood or better known these days as the Squad!

Bride TribeThis crew now is better known as the Bride Tribe you say; the Urban meaning of her closest girls who have changed and shaped her life and making the woman she is today. The Bride Tribes represents her Bridesmaids that special circle of sisterhood that can never be broken.

Bride Tribes are now becoming increasingly popular among modern weddings and starting to pop up across all platorms of social media. These Tribes consist of women in Gold Tattoo’s, 6inch Stilettos, Dressed to impress in LBD’s (Little Black Dresses) and Sashes off the shoulders.

Single Men Beware

As the Tribe mentality builds, these women become hungry for vulnerable single men out to make dicks of themselves. Let’s face it, Single men beware these Tribes can be dangerous when approached with Alcohol. 

Bride TribeSafety and precaution when engaging in pick up activity is to be advised. Its best to be on your game and on point as there is high risks of burnt men left in their paths. Best to leave this one for the Fireries. They seem to be the only men who can approach them and leave their hunger satisfied.

The Best Bride Tribe Apparel

So be the best Maid of Honour and stand out from the crowd, We have put together a few links to be seen in your best Bride Tribe Apparel, and of course the best Bridesmaid ever. 


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