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The Cheeky Butler makes a Comback

The return of the Cheeky Waiter, has yes; made its comeback. Like Return of the Jedi, the Star Wars Saga, we flip back to the 80’s, and give you somewhat Chippendales, and return with men dressed in little next to nothing. Yes the Cheeky Butler / Waiter is here to stay and has made a massive impact in 2018. So if your wondering what a Cheeky Waiter is? well its Pretty much a man dressed in next to nothing, well basically nothing to our correction, lets say just an apron and bowtie and a whole lot of cheekiness.

Let the Fun Begin

O.K lets face it nudity basically brings the fun and cheekiness out in most situations. Having a male host at your party wearing nothing but bare minimals, is going to make the best surprise for any bunch of women. Its the kinda surprise that will make an impact on your girlfriends and set “the Ooh” factor at a high.
After a busy 2018 summer season, Chiselled and Charmed is please to say the Cheeky Waiter has made a dramatic return to most Hens Parties. Its had an over bearing popularity amonugst women whio want to put candy on their agenda and fingertips. Especially when a man is willing to bare his bum and be your ideal cheeky waiter.
Don’t be the norm and go with the mundane approach of hiring your standard topless waiter. Be seriously daring, risky and be cheeky. As long as the oven is baking up hot buns at your next party you will soon see why the cheeky waiter is 2 hands full of fun.
Make the change from the same old features at a Hens Party or Ladies night and your party be the most memorable one your girlfriends will talk about for years..
When our Cheeky Waiter arrives at your party, you can go with the classic look. Also dont forget to opt to customise your party and send us a special request. This is all up to your imagination. Let it run wild, there is no idea we can’t fulfil. Se below why these girls had the best hens Party Avalon has yet to see. 

Tess and her Bridesmaids enjoying their view of the Norther Beaches Hens Party with Cheeky waiters Alex and Matt


All Waiter bookings are a minimum of 2 hours per/booking unless its a waiter/strip combo with the same waiter performing as your stripper. $110.00 per/hour – 1 Cheeky Waiter  Book now and call 

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