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Cheeky Waiter


All Waiter bookings are a minimum of 2 hours per/booking unless its a waiter/strip combo with the same waiter performing as your stripper. Please note not all models strip and waiter. 

$110.00 per/hour – 1 Cheeky Waiter

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Cheeky Waiter Service

 Want some cheekiness to your next party, then planning a cheeky waiter is the best surprise will make your girlfriends go “Ooh”. Chiselled and Charmed is please to say a Cheeky Waiter, is a great way to put candy to your eyes.

cheeky waiter

Sometimes a little skin with a Topless waiter is fun but the serious fun begins with a lot of skin, Especially when a man is willing to bare his bum and be your ideal cheeky waiter. Don’t be the norm and go with the mundane approach. Be daring, be risky and be cheeky and make the change  from the same old features at a Hens Party or Ladies night and your party be the most memorable one.   

If you’re new to organising bashes, you can quickly get confused about how to make yours stand out. Bring the bit of spice that will have all your girls have talking about, our handsome, toned and almost naked butlers  who will offer the very best service.

Events, product launches and so much more! Our buff butlers are guaranteed to provide your event with nothing but professionalism and bare hide which will defiantly have you noticed as the perfect party planner.

Gentleman Guarantee

Chiselled and Charmed take great pride in training our gentlemen. We not only arrive as a Cheeky Waiter, but also participate and provide Hens party games. In addition, activities or even the occasional D&M (Deep & Meaningful conversation). Our Cheeky Waiter are the real deal and we mean that.  We take great pride to ensure our men assisting in cleaning up and leaving your party in the clean state as they arrived.

When our Cheeky Waiter arrives at your party, you can go with the classic look. this consists of the classy black bow tie and apron. Or in more modern times girls opt to customise the boys in bandannas or jock straps. This is all up to your imagination. Let it run wild, there is no idea we can’t fulfil.

Cheeky waiter


With Chiselled and Charmed Cheeky Waiter we are more then happy to allow photography with our men. So there is no reason why you can’t have your camera’s and phones ready.. We feel you can always store a memory with our boys which makes your weekend even more special. 

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