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Magic Mike Strip Dance Classes

Magic Mike Strip Dance Class

So we’ve all heard of Channing Tatum shaking his money maker. Always making women fall at his knees with his magical hip thrusting jackhammer thighs. But let me ask you something. Have you ever thought to yourself that you could possibly be that sexually appealing to the opposite sex. Maybe I can do a strip dance or learn a strip dance class to put my money maker out there. Well now you can with this ultimate Hens party Idea.

This party idea is like no other and you can learn how to perform a strip dance just like Channing and his Wifey. So this is how it works. Chiselled and Charmed are the only company in Sydney & Newcastle providing this original service for hens parties. Hahaha and the occasional hubby looking to spice things up.

Wheres the Magic

It begins with our performer showing you the original “Pony” routine from Magic Mike. He’s always dressed in Gym pants, a white singlet and the famous red cap. He will slowly show you step by step during this erotic sexy strip dance class. You will be taught how to thrust your hips, move to hip hop and most importantly. The famous trick of the grinding worm across the floor. As you find yourself grinding the floor with your hips and learning Genuine’s famous track. You will see yourself learning step by step as your confidence rise. Before you know it you will become the Channing Tatum you always dreamt of.

If you think you don’t know how to dance or you feel you have 2 left feet. Then think again, remember this is all about being fun and sexy. Not the next dancer in a Chris Brown film clip. Just believe in yourself and believe that you can tilt your red cap sideways while thrusting your hips 130 beats a minute!


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