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Magic Mike Dance Class/Strip


So your trying to think of a Hen’s Party idea? That idea, that’s one better then anyone has mentioned to you in the past. Well look no further, we have the perfect but cheeky way to make your girls remember a magical night they will never forget.
“Let the Magic Begin!”


1hr Dance Class plus 30min Strip

8 to 15 people – $450.00

More then 15 people – $15 per person after the 15th person

“Bride Dances Free”

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How it Works

 Firstly we think about combining a dance class, the Magic Mike Pony Scene and a sexy Strip all together. 

So we start by taking you on a journey with Hip Hop. You then get you to feel the beat and understand how demanding Hip Hop dancing is on the body. Our teachers are not only great performers but buff and topless while teaching your class. When you think of it, its actually setting up the perfect environment for a Hens party for the ages. The class runs for a full hour. During this hour our hot dance teacher will introduce you to the famous Male Strip Anthem “Pony”. Here you will learn how to perform each step while you developing your strip skills. Let me warn you this is a masculine dance class you will be learning how much goes into a male strip. So you will learn step by step to the famous strip. Baseball Caps n Bandannas will be included to give you the right feel of Magic Mike.

When the Magic Happens

Now comes the surprise and the Magic. You get to surprise your Hen with your dance teacher performing Pony until his completely naked. Our dance teacher will closely coordinate how this will happen with your Maid of Honour.

Here at Chiselled and Charmed we take great pride in providing the best surprise for your Bride to Be. So to comprehend this you will be dancing away as a group developing your skills as a male stripper. Before you know it, our dance teacher then Bumps n Grinds, Body roll, hip thrust harder then a jack hammer and take your Hen by surprise. This will not only bring the shock factor but also provide the Magic you have always looked for in a Hens Party.

As part of your package you can always add a Topless Waiter just to make sure drinks are always at you finger tips while dancing and enjoying yourself. This comes as a small cost but, allows you to keep hydrated and wet. We are happy yo make arrangements to make a package deal to assist your part to be the Magic Mike Hens party you have always dreamt of.

How to Book

So don’t miss out and be the hens party with something different and hire a Magic Mike Dance class today. See why they say, chiselled and Charmed brings a touch of Class and Excellence.