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G-String Strip Price

$270.00 – 10 to 15min

Semi-Nude Striptease

Full Monty Strip Price

$320.00 – 10 to 15min

Nude Striptease


The G-String Strip

You have just chosen to explore our most popular Newcastle Private Male Strippers show. The G-String Strip is mostly used for those who really just like a laugh but also a good view. Watch your girlfriends laugh and giggle as our Male Entertainer strips down to bare minimum of the G-String. But the difference is only at Chiselled and Charmed will you witness the Class and Excellence of a Man in a G-Banger. This got a sexy wedgey you will still find we take pride in delivering classiest male striptease in the Male Entertainment.

Full Nude / Full Monty Strip

Our Newcastle Private Male Strippers are the best of the best when it comes to the art of a Full Nude / Full Monty Striptease. You have just discovered the best place to fulfil that fantasy. Only at Chiselled and Charmed will you witness the Class and Excellence of a Male Nude Strip. We take pride in delivering the longest and classiest Full Nude Strip in the Male Entertainment.

The Chiselled & Charmed Way

All our performers will contact you directly to ensure there is some surprise factor to his entry. We then ensure you are satisfied with your selection. This will consist of a selection of costumes for the lucky lady whether its a G-String or Full Monty Strip. He will then working the crowd showing you his talented little booty shake. You will find yourself in a ball of laughter as he focus on his performance slowing undressing but keeping the party on their toes. As we all know, ladies love a man with dance moves but more importantly a hot body. But lets not forget some sexy underwear that will make you blush but keep the package covered.

As he progresses to underwear, He will begin to expose himself gracefully to your lucky lady in the magic chair with his first layer of Underwear. Then he will turn his attention to your crowd making them wanting to see him in full exposure. Once the scene is set he will then come to the finale, when you think his naked his last layer will fall and you will then see him in nothing but less then a G-String. But if you choose to go further then hold onto your seats. We guarantee you will be left with a smile only Chiselled and Charmed can deliver. With a Touch of Class and Excellence.

Please note, PHOTOGRAPHY IS PERMITTED during his G-String or Nude striptease

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