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Newcastle's Male Revue

Newcastle’s Male Revue has finally Arrived

Sick of travelling to Sydney, booking accommodation and paying for overpriced drinks and entry to a lame show. Then know in yourself you’ve just let your girlfriends down by attempting to make the perfect hens/ladies night? O.K lets lay it out straight to the women of Newcastle, the Hunter and Central Coast. Newcastle’s Male Revue is finally here, filled with a complete choreographed show that seriously leaves other revues guessing.

It’s occurred to us here at Chiselled & Charmed, the women of the Hunter and Central Coast have been deprived of quality Male Entertainment. Previously when a show comes to town, women are provided with a few stripper-grams that have 2 left feet. We have now addressed this problem. Chiselled & Charmed male Entertainment introduces Newcastle’s Male Revue, Feel the Magic. Jam packed with quality beats, seriously smooth Hip Hop and a bus load of Naked Ripped Men. This show truly delivers a Touch of Class and Excellence.

This is Where Magic Happens

The scene was set for the first show of the year, Friday 13th, Black Friday at Belmont Hotel. With an attendance of 150 women in VIP and general admission. Chiselled & Charmed was ready to deliver Newcastle more than they could ever expect.  With their trusty MC/Hip Hop Specialist DJ Coco Levon tearing it up on the Mic & Decks. The women of Newcastle were finally introduced to the men from Chiselled & Charmed Male Entertainment.

Newcastle's Male Revue

Chocolate City

Before any feature show, women first need to address their craving by attending the Candy shop.

First up introducing the Finest White Chocolate in the Hunter Region. Women got to meet Mr. Fine White Chocolate Sean. With perfect height and rugged features, he surely had women’s taste buds screaming off their tongues. O.K so we had to match it up and allowed women to take a moment to adjust their drool with Mr. Smooth Caramel Alex. This set the standards high on sweetness for their eyes. The audience were only getting started until next they had washed it all down two hands full of Mr. Dark Chocolate Eddie. Then room erupted like a fondu fountain in a playground.

Mr. Grey and his Disciple

Most women ask for a Man in power, a Master, Seductive and Mysterious. Chiselled & Charmed provided them with Mr. Grey (Mick) and his Disciple (Alik) . To ensure the audience would submit to his hands. The crowd were given the opportunity to meet the raw Mr Grey, and witness his ability to make women submit to his commands. In addition, he gave women an inside look into his red room. Bringing along with him his disciple, to ensure his message of power of seduction was witnessed. Their double show made women weak at the knees and submitting themselves to his chair and allow him to be the Master his known to be.

Mr Grey will see you now…

Smooth Criminal

By this stage we had a few laws broken in the Belmont area from the heat produced on stage. It was time to call in the Authorities and clean up the paraphernalia occurring in the area. It was time to bring our very own Smooth Criminal Officer Kyle. Well he attempted to bring some order in the building. Unfortunately, even a man in uniform was no match for these ladies. Yep Officer Kyle couldn’t resist the artillery the women of the Hunter were bringing to the party. 

Newcastle’s Lit – Call the Fireman

The room was literally Lit from the heat of this event, so we had to call for back up. Fireman Taylor to the rescue and to produce some moisture to cool this room off, this obviously made things wetter than they already were. Although with moves our Fireman produced did provide a big distraction even for our resident photographer.

Time for a little Magic

To finish the night off with a bang. Women came to see a little Magic, but we believed they deserved a whole lot more and really Feel the Magic. What better way to feed their craving with our version of Pony. Magic Mike Tyson with his crew, were happy to demonstrate to the women of the Hunter … Magic Happens. Remember, every woman deserves to Feel the Magic. Chiselled & Charmed do it with a touch of class and excellence.

We would like to Thank

Chiselled & Charmed would just love to thank those who contributed to Feel the Magic-Male Revue. We give a massive shout out to Nauti & Nice Adult Stores who provided women with a massive selection of Adult toys. Creative Booth Newcastle who were able to capture hundreds of memories for all those who attended on the night. Indi Arts by Bec Russell our professional resident photographer who brought to life those memorable moments on stage. Most of all Belmont Hotel for providing a quality venue for this Magic to happen. We are sure to see you again soon.

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