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Nude Waiter


All Waiter bookings are a minimum of 2 hours per/booking unless its a waiter/strip combo with the same waiter performing as your stripper. Please note not all models strip and waiter. 

$165.00 per/hour – 1 Nude Waiter 

Booking Form must be fully completed with all information required to process your Booking 

Nude Waiter Service

Nude WaiterOK so you want to take a step on the wild side, then a Nude Waiter is just what you need. Forget cheekiness or topless, these men will make your jaw drop! There is no next level for this package a Nude Waiter will make any party wild to untamed. Chiselled & Charmed is one of the only agents in NSW who provide a Nude Waiter service. Its the perfect way to make your girlfriends never forget this party, and bring out your wild side.

 Be daring, be risky and take the plunge with a little bit of skin which will blow your mind. With a Nude Waiter, you will get a complete gentleman, just because his naked doesn’t mean you can touch. Nor he can touch you, this is the true voyager experience and allow you to have the final opportunity before you tie the not to see a real man in the buff. But like we said, this is a strict no touching policy. But flirting, that’s a different story… that’s a must.

Gentleman Guarantee


Nude Waiter Chiselled and Charmed take great pride to ensure you are provided with the finest gentlemen. Your waiter will arrived clothed and start performing duties topless for the first 10 minutes. 

Nude Waiter

He will then bring the shock factor after excusing himself and surprise your hen with a little nude surprise. This will be coordinated with the maid of honour, He will then participate and provide Hens party games in the buff. As a must we encourage our routine D&M (Deep & Meaningful conversation).

The Nude Waiter is more then a man his a true showman, filled with confidence and charisma. Whether its drinks games or even get our guys to do the house cleaning in the nude. This is the great opportunity to see a real naked man show you his gentlemen side. 

Your Nude Waiter will arrive at your party and asked you if you want props to ensure your party is customised with your naked man, You can go classic with a classy black bow tie or you can go Full Monty its purely up to you.


With Chiselled and Charmed Cheeky Waiter we are more then happy to allow photography with our men. So there is no reason why you can’t have your camera’s and phones ready.. We feel you can always store a memory with our boys which makes your weekend even more special. 

How to Book

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