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Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fresh Hip

Weight 80kg

Height: 185cm


Sydney CBD & Surrounding area’s, Central Coast, Hunter Wollongong and surrounding areas


Nude Waiter, Cheeky WaiterTopless Waiter, Full Nude Life Drawing, Semi Nude Life Drawing


So, let’s talk about sexy men, first thing we think of is a Hot Model. Well here at Chiselled & Charmed we have one of the hottest men you will ever lay your eyes on. meet Nando our Hot Model hipster. This exotic man is not only easy on the eye, but an excellent party host. This brown eyed hottie will not only make you melt at the knees but roll in laughter with his amazing humor. Nando is one of the hottest quirky hipsters you’ll ever come in contact which makes it even more memorable. This Bondi babe has everything you need at your next party. He brings the best out in your bride tribe, by providing the perfect gentleman to your bride.

As a Party Host Nando will make cocktails, entertain your girlfriends with more party games you can poke a stick at. His not only good as a hot model, life drawing or party host, this fine gentleman is able to smooth over any crazy situation. He will also be your hot Model waiter in little less than an apron and bowtie. Check out his reviews today and see why women are booking this hot model out every weekend. Let us bring you the reason why Nando brings nothing but the Chiselled and Charmed charisma

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